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Fabwa Update

Posted by John Singer on

Thank you for visiting Fabwa!

There are a lot of things happening at Fabwa.  Here is a quick update of what we are doing.

Manufacturing - We exclusively manufacture Fabwa liquid drink mixes. We took a look at all our manufacturing options and have decided to re-purpose a milk house in Pennsylvania as our new manufacturing location.  The location will have solar power to help with our power.  We believe we should use what we have first!

Product availability - During the process of moving and setting up the new manufacturing location we will be temporarily out of stock. 

New packing - During this time we are designing the Fabwa packaging. 

Website - We are currently updating the website.  A new website with our new look will launch soon!

New products - We are developing a whole bunch of new products! 

Check back to see our progress.

John and Joe


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